Question: What is the opposite of tough love?

What is a synonym for tough love?

Synonyms:bad-tempered, irritable, moody, touchy, short-tempered, sensitive, temperamental, fractious, hot-tempered, irascible.

What is the opposites of tough?

What is the opposite of tough?softtenderdelicatefragileweakflimsynonhardyflexiblecontrollablekind10 more rows

What is the opposite of tough minded?

What is the opposite of tough-minded?weak-willedirresolutemeekfickletimidimpotentpassivecowardlyineffectualspiritless24 more rows

What does sternness mean?

the quality or state of being demanding or unyielding (as in discipline or criticism) the companys new president has a reputation for granitelike sternness and monkish austerity.

Which is the closest antonym for the word austere?

antonyms for austereflexible.bland.calm.gentle.indulgent.luxurious.mild.spending.More items

What is a tough minded person?

adjective. characterized by a practical, unsentimental attitude or point of view. strong-willed; vigorous; not easily swayed.

What is tough minded?

: realistic or unsentimental in temper or outlook tough-minded survivors.

What is the closest meaning of sternness?

1. Hard, harsh, or severe in manner or character: a stern disciplinarian. See Synonyms at severe. 2. Showing or expressing displeasure or disapproval; forbidding or harsh: a stern face; a stern voice.

What is another word for sternness?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sternness, like: austerity, hardness, harshness, rigidity, rigor, rigorousness, severity, strictness, stringency, toughness and easy.

Which option is similar to austere *?

Frequently Asked Questions About austere Some common synonyms of austere are ascetic, severe, and stern. While all these words mean given to or marked by strict discipline and firm restraint, austere stresses absence of warmth, color, or feeling and may apply to rigorous restraint, simplicity, or self-denial.

What is false bravado?

Bravado may be displayed in order to mislead someone, false bravado is a pretense of courage and self-confidence, a simulation. Bravado enters the English language in the late 1500s from the Italian word bravata, meaning bragging or boasting. The preferred plural form is bravadoes, bravados is also considered correct.

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