Question: How do you know who liked you on Happn for free?

The List of people who have Liked you allows you to know directly who are the people who have Liked your profile. This list appears on top left of the screen in the “Messages” section. Once you can see who has Liked you, all you have to do is Like❤️ these users back so you can get a Crush and start chatting with them.

Can we chat on happn without paying?

Using the basic features in happn is completely free: you can cross paths with other users, Like them, get Crushes, speak to them, play CrushTime and become invisible without subscribing to happn Premium.

What is secretly liked in happn?

A FlashNote equals to a Like with a notification. When you send someone a FlashNote and they dont answer after 24 hours, happn lets you send them a FlashNote again but tells you that you have already interacted with their profile through a “Secretly Liked” tag.

How many free hellos do you get on happn?

You can buy Hellos directly from the in-app store, on the top right corner of the page My Account or you can get some free Hellos by inviting friends to join the app. You earn 5 Hellos for each accepted invitation.

What does heart mean on happn?

If youre interested, you can “Heart” the persons profile. If that user “Hearts” you back, then youve formed a “Crush.” You can exchange messages with any of your crushes. Happn also has a video chat function, but you only get one 5-minute video call with each crush for free.

What is a crush on Happn?

You have a Crush when you and another user of the application Like each other and have both tapped on the ❤️ button. When you have a Crush, you get a notification and can start a conversation with that user.

How safe is Happn?

Happn promises never to post anything on your Facebook page, nor will it send out notifications or invitations to friends. Happn says that Facebook Connect is only used to share common friends and interests with the Happn members you come across. Even so, its important to take your online safety and privacy seriously.

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