Question: Can you look someone up on plenty of fish?

If youre an upgraded member on POF, youre in luck! The ability to search by username is one of the great features we offer to our upgraded users. Once youre an upgraded member, a username search bar will appear in your POF app under the username tab, or on the website as one of three search options.

Are plenty of fish profiles public?

Public Images on POF Public photos are publicly displayed, and anyone on the platform can view them. You can upload as many public images as you please. They will be visible on your profile.

What does the blue star mean on POF?

Top profile shows a swipe up to indicate “super like”; bottom profile shows a blue star, which means that user has been “super liked.”

What is a cute nickname for a girl?

CUTE NICKNAMES FOR GIRLSBabeMulberryBabyschkaPieBiscuitPixieBlossomPlumBoo Boo BearPocky26 more rows

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