Question: What is Mosting dating?

1. Mosting. Mosting is like ghosting, but much, much worse. Its a manipulative dating tactic when a person basically makes you feel like youre “the one” and then suddenly disappears from your life.

What is Mosting?

“Mosting is when someone goes overboard on the fluff job and then vanishes. Its not just someone being complimentary and flattering; its someone faking being totally smitten when they arent,” journalist Tracy Moore wrote.

How do you get over the Mosting?

12 Ways to fast-track getting over himGive yourself time to grieve. The good news is however bad things look now, you will get over him. Write a diary or email. Accept its over. Clean up your act. Hit the gym. Feel the love. Embark on a new project. Spend time with friends Aug 6, 2009

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