Question: Did Jo and Schmitt hook up?

“Jo, that time in my moms basement was a one-time thing,” Schmitt said, referring to the time they hooked up during a previous break from Alex. “Im a gay man.”

Did Jo and Levi sleep together?

Later, Levi went to apologize to Jo about what hed done. She told him to buy contacts, which he said hed already done, and the two ended up going back to Levis moms basement to have sex. He went to Jo, who took over the case and got to scrub in on the surgery as a result.

Does Meredith kiss Alex?

[VIDEO] Meredith Attacked, Kisses By Alex on Greys Anatomy in Season 12 | TVLine.

Are Levi and Nico still together?

Levi Schmitt rekindled his romance with Nico and impressively saved a life on his own. Eventually, they got back together and Schmitt turned down Nicos proposal to move in with him.

Who slept with April Kepner?

I think they enjoy the companionship. In the end of season eight, Kepner embarks on a relationship with her best friend turned lover Jackson Avery (Williams), who she loses her virginity to and that eventually leads her to reflect on her faith and fail her boards.

Does Alex and Meredith date?

Right now, at least with Season 16, that apparently isnt in the cards so much. As far as relationships go, love as we know it has yet to officially blossom between Meredith and Alex. As things currently stand, Alex is actually in a relationship with girlfriend Jo Wilson.

Who dies season 17 of GREYs anatomy?

Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), a general surgeon resident at Grey Sloan Memorial who also had a romantic connection to Meredith Grey, was stabbed and killed in his attempt to pursue and expose a sex trafficker in season 17.

Does Jo get pregnant in Season 17?

In Greys Anatomy Season 17 Episode 16, “Im Still Standing,” Jo continued to care for baby Luna alongside Cormac “McWidow” Hayes (Richard Flood). Then Jo started to realize what she wanted when Lunas social worker came to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Does Jackson get custody of Aprils baby?

On Greys Anatomy, Jackson Avery settled everything about their daughter, Harriet, with April Kepner out of court. However, in real life, Williams and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, are in the midst of a three-year divorce.

What happens to Cristina Yang?

Dr. Sandra Ohs Cristina Yang saw the hospital through 10 seasons — and its countless name changes — before she left “her person” for a top cardiothoracic job in Switzerland. The cosmic perfection of this job is that she inherited it from her former mentor and former fiancé, Dr.

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