Question: What amp is best for mids and highs?

1. Rockford Fosgate 4 Channel amp for mids and highs. The Rockford Fosgate Cartoon P400X4 is the best and most advanced version of the classic A / B audio technology, this is the best 4 channel amp for mids and highs AMP cheaper and has many other features.

How do you set a 4 channel amp for mids and highs?

0:185:50How to set gains on a 4-channel amplifier using an Oscilloscope.YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe first way is four channel mode thats what youre going to do if youre going to use the amp toMoreThe first way is four channel mode thats what youre going to do if youre going to use the amp to just run your mids. And highs you might say put some coaxials on the back channels.

Do I need an amp for my mids and highs?

Basically, youll want an amp with good sound quality that can give a decent amount of power. For most applications, I recommend 50W RMS per channel minimum. Youll also want the ability to block distortion-causing bass by using high-pass crossovers on your tweeters or midrange speakers.

What happens if amp is not powerful enough?

If you dont have a powerful enough amplifier to reach the volume levels you want, you can damage the speakers by feeding them too much high-frequency energy by driving the amplifier into clipping. Its the extra power in these harmonics that damages speakers.

What should I set my HPF to?

Thus, the recommended settings are a HPF (5000 Hz) for the front tweeters, a HPF (80 Hz) for front midrange, a HPF (80 Hz) for rear speakers and 12 dB or 24dB slope. If rear speakers (passive) are added to this system, the settings will change a little bit.

Is 4 or 8 ohms better?

A lower impedance speaker will accept more power. For example, a 4 ohm speaker will extract more power from your amplifier than a 8 ohm speaker, about twice as much.

What happens if amp is too weak for speakers?

Connecting your speakers to an amplifier which is far too weak to power them. Doing so will cause the amp to overheat, start burning itself up and send clipped signals to your speakers, creating horrible distortion and high frequency energy which can break your speakers and your amplifier.

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