Question: Where is Katie from 16 and pregnant now?

Katie is living her life out of the limelight. In 2017, she chatted with E! and revealed shes enjoying having a “normal life” away from the cameras. “I went to school. I moved [from Wyoming] to Utah. I was working for a rehab facility and it was just a regular day-to-day life, taking care of my daughter. …

What happened to Katie and Alex from Teen Mom 3?

After her struggles with becoming a mom and her breakup with daughter Arabellas father, Matt, played out for audiences on Teen Mom 3, Alex has since reverted to a more quiet lifestyle. She has stayed clear of the spotlight and is currently focusing on raising her daughter with her new fiancé, Tim Peters.

Where is Katie from Teen Mom 3 from?

Rock Springs, Wyoming Katie Yeager (from Rock Springs, Wyoming) and Joey Maes became the parents of daughter Molli J. Maes on August 18, 2011.

Are any of the 16 and pregnant couples still together?

Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera Jo is the father of Kailyns first child, Isaac, and viewers saw the couple fight a lot during their season of 16 and Pregnant. Though the couple split soon after Isaacs birth in 2010, Kailyn and Jo remain friends, and Jo is currently married to Vee Torres.

What happened to Allie and Joey from 16 and pregnant?

On December 17, 2010, Allie gives birth to her son, Aydenn Anthony Aranzeta. Following Aydenns birth, the rest of the episode focuses on Joey failing to live up to the responsibilities of being a parent, and Allie eventually ending his relationship with him & moving out.

Are Joey and Katie from 16 and Pregnant still together?

Katie and ex Joey Maes had a messy relationship on the show, and they went their separate ways after filming ended. In 2017, she told E! they werent really in contact anymore.

Does Alex keep her baby on 16 and Pregnant?

Arabella Sekella-McCann is the daughter of Alex Sekella and Matt McCann. Arabella was born on July 18, 2011. Her parents had talked about placing her for adoption with a family friend, but Alex could not bring herself to follow through with the adoption, ultimately deciding to keep her.

Are Izabella and Jairo still together?

Izabella didnt offer many details about their reasons for breaking up in her 2018 statement, but she confirmed they are amicable post-split. “Jairo and I are separated and have been for a few months now. Unfortunately, our marriage didnt work out,” the reality star wrote at the time.

Whats wrong with Allison from Teen Mom 2?

Ali was diagnosed with Titin Myotonic muscular dystrophy in 2014, a rare form of progressive weakness disease that had existed in less than 20 cases around the world at the time of her diagnosis.

Are Tyra and Alex still together?

Unfortunately for fans of the couple, Alex and Tyra do eventually split up. It seemed their break up was going to transition into a co-parenting relationship rather peacefully in the beginning, but that has all gone to pot over the past month or so.

Is Cheyenne pregnant?

Cheyenne announced that she was pregnant with her second baby back in December. They shared the news in a sweet sunset beach video they captioned, Coming Soon 2021. The reality star kept her followers updated on her pregnancy journey, recently sharing stunning maternity pics.

Who is Nikkole Paulun?

Nikkole Paulun is a 15-year-old high school girl from Monroe, Michigan who becomes pregnant by her then-boyfriend Josh Drummonds. On November 5, 2009, Nikkole gives birth to their son, Lyle Thomas Drummonds. After his birth, Josh stops helping out with Lyle which ultimately leads to he & Nikkole breaking up.

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