Question: What should I do for my anniversary in Orlando?

How do you celebrate your anniversary in Orlando?

Dinner at the BoatHouse. Le Cellier Steakhouse. Swan Boat Ride at Lake Eola. Jewelry Shopping on Park Avenue. Hot Air Balloon Ride. Be Our Guest Dinner at Magic Kingdom. Dine in an Aquarium at Epcot. Go on a Safari at Animal Kingdom.More items

What should I do for my anniversary in Florida?

12 Most Romantic Things To Do in FloridaSpot Wildlife at Lovers Key State Park. Find Seashells at Honeymoon Island State Park. Catch a Flick at Ruskin Family Drive-In. Enjoy a Picnic at Hillsborough River State Park. Go on a Sunrise Horseback Ride in Amelia Island. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride Above Orlando.More items •21 Jun 2019

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