Question: Can you browse hinge without signing up?

Yet, you can make do without it. Even if youre a free member, you can still see all the other members who sent you likes. The only difference is that you would have to swipe on the profiles one-by-one.

Can you look at Hinge without an account?

Well, that used to be the case, but now, one dating app is making a change. For those of you wondering if you can use Hinge without a Facebook account, the answer is now officially YES. If you like having your profile connected to Facebook, dont fret!

Can you use Hinge without the app?

Yes and no. The official Hinge app meant for desktop computers and laptops hasnt been officially released yet. For now, the original app is only available for mobile users – both for iOS and Android devices.

Do you have to be active on Hinge to show up?

Hinge doesnt have an active feature like Instagram (those little green dots by your name show users youre online), but theres another way you can tell you whether an old match is active without having to wait for them to respond to a message.

Can you use Hinge if you dont have facebook?

Yes, you can create an account using only your phone number. While Hinge requires that all our members authenticate their accounts with a verified phone number, you can sign up for Hinge using either your Facebook account or your phone number.

Can hinge see read messages?

The blue tick? You dont want someone to know that you read their message but didnt reply choice-fully. Hinge also solves this by not giving a read feedback to your senders. So you can safely read and not reply instantly, without letting the other person know.

Does Hinge only match friends on Facebook?

Hinge, the dating app that promised a better set of prospects by suggesting matches who share Facebook friends, is about to radically change its course: its ditching its requirement that users log in with Facebook.

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