Question: How do I get more money on Hollywood U?

How do you level up in Hollywood?

0:021:46Fastest Ways to Level Up in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - YouTubeYouTube

Can you date Cassio in KKH?

You cannot date Cassio unfortunately. Hell flirt with you in the game but it wont give you an option to date him or Raul.

What is the max level in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

level 22 But for those of you stuck at level 22 in Kim Kardashians game with the maximum amount of fans, youll be glad to know the latest Kim Kardashian: Hollywood update includes a new level, beach clothes, and more quests.

Who is Cassio in Kim Kardashian?

Cassio is the owner of the 10AX Club in Florence who is a bit of a mystery man. He is a very successful entrepreneur who enjoys expensive cars and painting in his spare time. Cassio has earned himself a fortune as a renegade businessman.

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