Question: Who is Ashley from strictly dating?

Ashley Roberts partner: Who is she dating? Following her stint in Strictly, Ashley Roberts was confirmed to be dating Strictly professional Giovanni Pernice, despite not being partnered with each other on the show.

Did Ashley Roberts dating Giovanni?

During the series, both Ashley and Giovanni both denied dating rumours. However, amid the end of the series, the pair announced they were dating. Since their split, Giovanni has spoken of his newly single status. While talking on FUBAR radio, he said: Right now I am single and ready to mingle as they say!

How did Giovanni meet Ashley?

The former couple first got together after meeting on Strictly in 2018. They grew super close in rehearsals but kept their relationship a secret until after the show ended.

Is Ashley and Pasha still together?

Giovanni Pernice and Ashley Roberts announce split two years after meeting on Strictly Come Dancing. S trictly Come Dancings Giovanni Pernice has announced he has split from Ashley Roberts after more than a year of dating. The couple got together in 2018 after meeting while both appearing on the BBC ballroom show.

Who is Giovanni partner?

In 2018 Giovanni partnered up with Steps singer Faye Tozer and made it to the Grand Final - again! A year later, he took his celeb partner Michelle Visage to Blackpool, where their Strictly journey finished. Could there be another Final in store for Gio in 2020? Watch this space!

How old is Maura Higgins?

30 years (November 25, 1990) Maura Higgins/Age

Who is Maura dating in real life?

Giovanni Pernice Fans have been left shocked to learn that Love Islands Maura Higgins and Strictly Come Dancing pro Giovanni Pernice are dating. On Friday (9 July), Pernice and Higgins confirmed their relationship by sharing separate photos kissing to their respective Instagrams. Both posts were captioned: “Im yours.”

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