Question: What do you do in a group date?

How should you act on a group date?

Going on a double date seems like the ultimate way to spend an evening .7 Double Date Tips You Need to FollowDont overdo affection. Keep everyone feeling welcome. Moderate your alcohol. No fighting. Minimize inside jokes. Avoid movies. Plan well.

What is your take on group dating?

Read more about it here – its called a Gokon or a Compa party. After meeting up in a Gokon, there is often a second round of meet ups with the same people, so that they can all get to know each other better. Speed dating also brings a big group of people together.

Should a first date be a group date?

IT ENCOURAGES FRIENDS MEETING FRIENDS. At the end of the day, the group date will never replace the one-on-one date, nor do I think it should. Instead, group dates should be seen as a prerequisite to the one-on-one date and then the one-on-one date the prerequisite to a committed relationship.

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