Question: How much does it cost to install Xfinity Internet?

How much is installation for Xfinity internet?

Xfinity installation fees: $89.99 for professional installation. Xfinity pushes its self-install kit for internet service, and as of the writing of this article, it will cost you zero dollars for your self-install kit as long as you use standard shipping.

Does Xfinity install for free?

New Xfinity cable TV subscribers are eligible for a free installation kit when they bundle internet service with television. Current Xfinity TV customers are also eligible if they add an internet bundle. The only real requirement is having a functioning Xfinity cable line to your home.

Is it easy to self install Xfinity internet?

Self-installing Xfinity Internet But dont worry—it really is easy to install Xfinity Internet yourself. Just follow these steps to install your Xfinity Internet service: Grab that coaxial cable (a.k.a. “coax”). Connect either end to your wall socket (its a little, metal nubby thing).

How long does it take xfinity to install Internet?

between two to four hours Installation generally takes between two to four hours. Need to reschedule your appointment?

Can I cancel Xfinity TV and keep Internet?

If youre just cancelling TV or phone service, but keeping internet, they wont give you a good deal on the first call. Theyll tell you that you can only get discounts by keeping TV. If you call back a month later, all of a sudden theyll have all sorts of new deals for you.

Do you have to wait 48 hours to activate Xfinity prepaid?

How do I activate my account? If you purchased your Prepaid Starter Kit in a retail store, please wait 48 hours after purchasing before attempting to activate your service at If you purchased your Prepaid Starter Kit online or by phone, when it arrives, please visit to activate.

Can I temporarily suspend my Xfinity account?

Remember, as the primary account holder, you can suspend service on any active lines for up to 14 days. Your service will automatically resume on the 15th day, unless you speak with an Xfinity Mobile Specialist to make other arrangements. The 14-day limit doesnt apply to military suspensions.

How long does Xfinity self install take?

about 30 minutes Is Comcast Xfinity self-installation easy? Installing your Xfinity service on your own takes about 30 minutes or less. All youll need to do is connect a coaxial cable from the outlet in your wall to your cable TV box or Xfinity modem. After that, youll connect your cable box to your TV and your modem to your router.

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