Question: Whats happened to Planet Rock?

On 1 March 2016, Planet Rock ceased on national DAB, transferring to the part-national Sound Digital multiplex, losing transmission in Devon, Cornwall, parts of Scotland, Wales, East Anglia and other areas of the UK.

How do I find Planet Rock on my radio?

We are available on DAB Digital Radio, on Freesat (Channel 730), on Sky (Channel 0110), on Virgin Media (Channel 924), online and via free iPhone, iPad and Android apps. All the Ways to Listen can be seen here.

Can you get Planet Rock on FM radio?

Planet Rock is the UKs most popular rock radio station. Its a digital-only radio station, which means you cant receive it on AM or FM.

Is Planet Rock pre recorded?

Bauer explained that the programme is usually pre-recorded, but was broadcast live on the day in question – 12th July 2019. It said that the offensive language was broadcast accidentally when the un-named presenter thought he was off-air.

Can I get Planet Rock on my phone?

You can listen on the Planet Rock web player, Planet Rock App, Chromecast to your Google device, Airplay to Apple Home and listen on Amazon Alexa.

Can you get Planet Rock on TV?

Planet Rock is a digital-only service, transmitting on the DAB network (and through digital TV and online platforms). It is available nationally on Sky, Virgin Media, Freesat and Online, and to some locations via DAB.

What FM is Planet Rock?

105.2FM Some great new news from all of us to all of you…from NOW, Planet Rock will be available on 105.2FM frequency in the West Midlands, plus you can of course still continue to enjoy Planet Rock on DAB, online, digital TV and via mobile apps, just as you always have.

Is Planet Rock app free?

As part of your 7-day free trial, youll get access to shows and specials and 80 online stations from across Planet Rock, Kerrang!

Is Greatest Hits Radio on the Internet?

Greatest Hits Radio | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

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