Question: How did CT from the challenge get his girlfriend?

How did CT and Lily meet?

Lili Solares Was Born In Cuba & Previously Worked as a Model. Lilianet Solares and CT Tamburello met after he moved from Massachusetts to southern Florida in 2015. She was raised in the Miami area and fans were introduced to members of her spanish-speaking family in the MTV wedding special.

Was CTs wife on the challenge?

Lilianet Solaresm. 2018 Chris C.T. Tamburello/Wife

Are CT and Lilianet together?

According to Heavy, public records from the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts show that CT and Lilianet got their marriage license on May 4, 2018. MTV announced the wedding news on Instagram, and the network featured a special about their nuptials titled The Challenge: CTs Getting Married.

Is CT still married the challenge?

Facebook. It came as a complete shock to fans of “The Challenge” when CT revealed during a confessional interview prior to the “Double Agents” season that he and his wife were separating. The two married in 2018 and are also parents to five-year-old son CJ but they are both very private about their personal lives.

Are Kam and Leroy from the Challenge still together?

Kam and Leroy did hit it off when they first met, but they ended up breaking things off completely for a while. During the Double Agents reunion, the couple revealed why they briefly called it quits.

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