Question: How much is a Roman coin worth today?

How much money is a Roman coin worth?

Most of them are valued today at 20-50 $ a pieces of medium condition and not so rare. In some cases, for example a rare emperor or rare reverse can have a high value, around 1000 $ or even higher.

Are ancient Roman coins valuable?

Roman gold coins have become even more valuable over the past decades. At Catawiki different kinds of aurei in medium and high grades have sold for thousands of euros. Some silver and bronze coins with an intact silver wash can be very valuable as well.

What is the rarest coin in the world?

The 1849 Double Eagle is currently the rarest and most valuable coin in the world, with an estimated worth of nearly $20 million.

How much is a 1964 Queen Elizabeth penny worth?

Total metal value of the 1 cent 1964-Extra Spine Elizabeth II is USD 3.831. Total Zinc content in the coin is 1.5% and the Zinc value of this coin is USD 0.021 ,Zinc value is claculated with a spot price of USD 12.4096/ounce .1 cent 1964-Extra Spine Elizabeth II.MINT SPECIFICATIONSNAWEIGHT3.24 Grams3 more rows

How much is a 1982 Elizabeth penny worth?

Mintage, Worth:YearMintageValue, USDUnc1984154.759.625$ 0.151983243.002.000$ 0.181982100.292.000$ 0.32

How much do Ancient coins cost?

Purchasing Ancient CoinsAncient Coins Price ChartNameAmountPrice (US)Secret Stash of Ancients150$1.99Lost Chest of the Ancients550$5.99Hidden Trove of the Ancients1,000$9.992 more rows

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