Question: Why Kim Myung Soo is called L?

Is Kim Myung Soo still part of Infinite?

The multi-talented artist Kim Myung Soo or famously known as L is a South Korean singer, actor and a proud member of the boy band INFINITE, formed by Woolim Entertainment. However, the singer left Woolim Entertainment in August of 2019 but continued being a part of the band.

When did l leave Infinite?

2017 Hoya, a former rapper and vocalist with the band, left after his contract had expired with Woollim Entertainment in 2017. In his statement to his fans at the time, the singer said he has not left them forever. I will continue to be with Infinite members and will do my best to be with them whenever they need me.

What year did INFINITE debut?

2010 Infinite/Active from Infinite debuted in 2010 with their EP First Invasion. Their first full album, Over the Top, was released in July 2011. Their EP New Challenge, released in March 2013, sold over 160,000 copies in South Korea alone and was one of the best-selling albums of 2013.

Who is infinite l dating?

Kim Do Yeon Infinites agency released an official statement confirmed that member L and “Chocolate Girl” Kim Do Yeon are actually dating.

Is Sunggyu leaving Woollim?

Earlier this month, INFINITEs leader Sunggyu also left Woollim Entertainment after the expiration of his contract. INFINITE debuted in 2010 and has released hit songs like “Man In Love,” “Be Mine,” “Paradise,” “The Chaser,” “Back,” and more.

How do you say Sungyeol in Korean?

Lee Sung-yeol, (Korean: 이성열; Hanja: 李成烈; born August 27, 1991), known mononymously as Sungyeol, is a South Korean singer and actor.

Did Sungyeol leave Infinite?

INFINITEs Dongwoo and Sungyeol will be leaving Woollim Entertainment after 11 years spent at the agency. We are writing to announce that our exclusive contracts with INFINITE members Jang Dongwoo and Lee Sungyeol, who have been with us for 11 years, have come to an end.

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