Question: How do you calm someone with ADHD?

How do you comfort someone with ADHD?

Have a Partner with ADHD? 10 Ways to Offer SupportEncourage professional help.Dont parent.Emphasize strengths.Be patient.Prioritize communication.Address specific problems.Listen to them.Let it go.More items •Apr 7, 2021

What triggers someone with ADHD?

Common triggers include: stress, poor sleep, certain foods and additives, overstimulation, and technology. Once you recognize what triggers your ADHD symptoms, you can make the necessary lifestyle changes to better control episodes.

What should you say to someone with ADHD?

You can try, I feel your pain. Or, simply ask how theyre doing, and then actually sit and listen. When I describe the symptoms, I usually get , Oh that happens to me, too. -Anni L. A better way might be to hear how it impacts their life, and then say, Well, that makes perfect sense.

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