Question: Was Natalie Joy on The Bachelor?

How did Nick Viall meet Natalie Joy?

In February 2021, shortly after the pair first went public as a couple, Viall admitted that they met after Joy slid into his Instagram DMs. “It was very romantic,” he joked during an episode of his podcast. “I wasnt expecting her to reply,” he recalled during an April 2020 episode of Hannah Berners podcast.

Who is Nick Viall with today?

Now, though, Viall is in a happy relationship with girlfriend Natalie Joy. The pair, who will have known each other for two years come September, recently celebrated their one-year anniversary as a couple.

Who is Nathalie joy?

1. Natalie is a surgical technologist. According to her Instagram bio, she is a “surgical technologist”, which is also often referred to as a scrub, or a surgical technician.

Is Nick Viall in a relationship?

One of Bachelor Nations most eligible bachelors has a special lady in his life. Nick Viall is dating surgical technologist Natalie Joy, a source tells PEOPLE. Shes great for him, says the source, who adds that the two have officially been in a relationship since last year.

How old is Natalie Joy Nick vialls girlfriend?

22 How old is Nick Vialls girlfriend? Natalie Joy is 22.

Is Natalie Joy a model?

Shes a model, too Natalies not ~just~ a surgical technologist. She also models. She posted a bunch of photos of herself from Penida magazine back in December.

How old is Kaitlyn bristowe?

36 years (June 19, 1985) Kaitlyn Bristowe/Age Bristowe agreed to the positive comment and wrote back: Amen. The 36-year-old came to host the show after longtime Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison announced he would not be returning to the dating show after coming under fire during the previous seasons racist controversy.

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