Question: Is Christmas and Memphis still dating?

The fans will be happy to know that Christmas and Memphis are now happily engaged. Alas, just like Christmas herself, it is safe to say that most fans will be shocked by this sudden update during the pre-season of Big Brother 23. Big Brother 23 premieres on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 8pm ET on CBS.

Are Memphis and his girlfriend still together?

Memphis Garretts ex-girlfriend Dominique Scalise broke her silence about his new relationship with Big Brother 22: All-Stars co-star Christmas Abbott. Around early December 2020, Memphis and Christmas broke the news that they were now officially dating.

Does Christmas have a crush on Memphis?

Less than two months after the CBS reality show concluded its All Stars season, two former contestants have gone from fierce competitors to boyfriend and girlfriend. E! News can exclusively confirm Big Brother: All Star players Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are dating.

Do Christmas and Memphis have a thing?

The answer to whether or not this is a cheating scandal is unclear. To start, theres still no definitive evidence Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott had a romantic encounter of any kind, and the Big Brother fandom often attempts to run with things that are unfounded on social media.

How long have Christmas and Memphis been dating?

The duos relationship first blossomed while filming season 22 of Big Brother: All Stars during the summer of 2020. Us exclusively confirmed that December that the pair were dating less than two months after competing against each other on the show.

Who is Christmas from Big Brother dating?

Congratulations to Big Brothers Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett! The couple announced on Friday that they are engaged. Both 39-year-old Christmas and 38-year-old Memphis shared happy photos of the engagement, which happened at the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa in Florida.

Why did Corey and Nicole break up?

Nicole was named the season 18 champion, and dated Corey after their season ended. While the reason for the split is unknown, it is assumed that the distance between Michigan and Texas was too much for the duo to handle, making them another showmance ending in a breakup.

Are Derrick and Cody still friends?

They both ended making it to finale night, and Cody won the final Head of Household competition, giving him the sole vote to evict Derrick or Victoria Rafaeli, a player he wouldve easily won over. Memorably, Cody chose to sit next to his ally and lost. The two remained close friends following the season.

Did Nicole and Corey date?

Corey Brooks & Nicole Franzel Status Today: While they had a solid showmance throughout the season, this pair split soon after the finale. In fact, Nicole went on to find love with another contestant just in time for the new season.

Does Cody regret taking Derrick?

Looking back at Season 16, Cody has zero regrets. In case you were wondering, Cody wouldnt have done anything differently, especially when it comes to choosing Derrick over Victoria to take to the the Final 2. Plus, ever since the show, Derrick and Cody have remained the best of friends.

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