Question: Why did James and Victoria want to kill Bella?

Victoria in a deleted scene of New Moon In New Moon, Victoria is only mentioned in the book and appears a few times in the film. Months after Jamess death, she plots to kill Bella to make Edward go through the emotional pain that she felt. She then decides to make her own move on Bella.

Why does James want to kill Bella?

He wanted her because her scent was very intoxicating to him, like Bellas is to Edward. For revenge, James murdered Alices creator, causing Alice to be alone.

Why didnt Bella turn when James bit her?

This is a painful process, and it burns like fire through the persons veins. When James bites her, this process begins to happen to Bella. In order to make it stop, Edward must suck the venom from James bite out, and yet stop in time before he drinks too much of Bellas blood which would kill her.

Why did they want to kill Bellas daughter?

Bella nearly died giving birth to the baby, whom she named Renesmee. During Bellas transformation into a vampire, Jacob believed that she had died, and attempted to kill Renesmee for revenge.

Why do the newborns want to kill Bella?

She decided to kill one of the Cullens mates, Bella Swan, as revenge for killing hers. To avoid being seen by Alice Cullens visions of the future, she allowed another newborn, Riley Biers, to select and take care of the members while she remained in the shadows.

What happened when James bit Bella?

James bites Bella on the wrist, leaving a bloody bite mark. She writhes in pain as venom enters her blood stream. After Bella has been attacked, Edward sucks the venom from her leg, struggling to stop himself from sucking all of her blood from her.

Why did Edward bite Bella so many times?

Now that Bella has conceived a child, the only way to survive the birth is by changing as soon as the child is free from her. Edward must bite her immediately to save her life. Edward bites her repeatedly in an attempt to get enough venom into her blood to change her before her heart stops beating.

How did Felix kill Bree?

Bree Tanner was a newborn vampire created by Victoria in order to fight the Cullen family in her army of newborn vampires. Despite her act of surrendering and showing adequate control of herself, she was executed by Felix of the Volturi on Janes orders.

Who killed Bree Tanner?

Fred agreed to wait for them in Riley Park, Vancouver, but he would wait no longer than one day, at which point he would leave Bree behind. Right before the Volturi killed her, she telepathically asked Edward to be nice to him if they ever were to cross paths in the future.

Is Renesmee a fake baby?

One of the most noticeable things about Breaking Dawn — Part 2 is Renesmee Cullens early years. Shes very obviously a CGI baby and toddler. “Chuckesmee is one of the most grotesque animatronic babies ever to not be seen on film,” producer Wyck Godfrey said in one of the special featurettes for the film on the DVD.

Why did they kill Bree in Eclipse?

Bree was the last of the newborns to be killed. Jane concluded Bree was a criminal, despite her ignorance of the laws and the Cullens willingness to take responsibility for her, and ordered her to be killed after torturing her with her power.

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