Question: How did Ashley and Tyler from Pretty Little Liars bond?

Who did Hanna lose her virginity to in PLL?

Caleb Hanna was the first among the girls to lose her virginity (to Caleb), but the girls think that Emily had already lost her virginity to Ben while Alison was still alive. Hanna got arrested three times. According to the Incident report filed by the Rosewood Police Department Hanna lives at 43 Turning Left Lane.

Was Ashley Benson pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

But, for anyone who still believes that a Haleb baby is on the way, a source tells E! News shes not pregnant on Pretty Little Liars and the two stars are just goofing around. So, there you have it—Ashley Benson is not pregnant in real life or on the show.

Does Spencer Hastings have a twin in real life?

Officially introduced in the series finale, Alex Drake is both the identical twin of main character Spencer Hastings and the previously anonymous identity known as A.D. Alex Drake (Pretty Little Liars)Alex DrakeAlex Drake posing as her twin sister, Spencer HastingsFirst appearanceTick-Tock, Bitches (Season 7, episode 1)13 more rows

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