Question: Is AKA with DJ zinhle?

Is DJ Zinhle in love with AKA?

ZINHLE AND MURDAH BONGZ HAPPILY IN LOVE Zinhle already has a six-year-old daughter with rapper AKA named Kairo Forbes and Murdah Bongz has a son who is almost a year old from another relationship. Although Zinhle is happy and in love she seems to still be dragged into AKAs life.

What happened AKAs fiancee?

Tembe fell to her death from the 10th floor of Cape Town Pepperclub Hotel in the early hours of 11 April. She was 22 years old. Forbes gave his version of the events, saying he had a gig in Cape Town that fateful weekend and had travelled with Tembe, as they had done before.

How old is AKA Forbes?

33 years (January 28, 1988) AKA/Age Kiernan Jarryd Forbes (born January 28, 1988), known professionally as AKA, is a South African rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur.

Who is Kairo Forbes dad?

AKA Kairo Owethu Forbes/Fathers

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