Question: How old are the members of the Beeny family?

Who is Graham Swift Sarah Beenys husband?

Sarah BeenySarah Lucinda BeenyEducationLuckley-Oakfield School Queen Marys CollegeOccupationProperty developer, businesswoman, broadcasterSpouse(s)Graham Swift ​ ( m. 2003)​Children42 more rows

Is diccon green Sarah Beenys brother?

They have been together for 20 years. Sarahs elder brother Diccon, 41, is married to Grahams sister Caroline. She introduced Sarah to her brother and a week later they moved in together.

How did Sarah Beeny get into property?

How did Sarah get into the property market? Sarah travelled the world at 17 and on her return she took on various odd-jobs from window cleaning to running her own sandwich business. She studied the property market and after saving up a deposit, she, her brother and her husband began a property developing business.

What breed is Sarah Beenys dog?

Frankly, its the least a dog deserves when the family are off on hols and need a bolthole for Fido. The whole hotel experience gets a massive paws-up gets from Maple, Sarah Beenys six-month-old cockapoo.

How much did Sarah Beeny sell her wedding venue for?

SARAH BEENY has sold Yorkshire mansion Rise Hall - which appeared on TV show Beenys Restoration Nightmare - for £1.4 million. Take a look inside the stunning property which is now a luxury wedding venue.

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