Question: What does it mean to go by an alias?

What does being a alias mean?

The definition of an alias is a name different than a persons birth name. An example of an alias is when a person goes into the Witness Protection Program, and they have to assume a new identity with a new name so no one can find them. An assumed name; another name.

What do you call an alias?

A pseudonym (/ˈsuːdənɪm/) (originally: ψευδώνυμος in Greek) or alias (/ˈeɪliəs/) is a fictitious name that a person or group assumes for a particular purpose, which differs from their original or true name (orthonym).

Does alias mean unknown?

Alias derives from the term “alias dictus,” which means “otherwise called.” An alias is a pseudonym, nickname, or alternative name for an individual (alternative to their legal name). The expression “John Doe, alias” or “John Doe alias” means an unknown person.

What does alias mean in text?

Alternatively referred to as a nick or handle, an alias is an alternate name for a computer, object, person, group, or user. Usually, an alias is used to replace long names or keep a real name private. For example, in chat Computer Hope uses the alias MrHope and Computerhope.

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