Question: What is Bebo English?

Verb. I drink Im drinking. I drank. Im drunk.

What is Bebo translation to English?

bebo → occupy, inhabit. bebo → live in, inhabit, occupy, tenant, dwell, live, reside, stay, take, engage, fill, hold, involve, figure out, take care of, keep busy.

What does Bebo mean in Russian?

baby {noun} bebo (also: infaneto, infanetino)

What Calle means?

street Calle means street in Spanish and Venetian.

What does Bebo mean in Yoruba?

“Bebo” gets its name from a Nigerian slang for something of a cheapskate, and finds Burna Boy singing mostly in Yoruba, playfully poking fun at the object in an insistent chorus, over percussion so effortlessly off the grid that it could only come from Africa.

Does Calle mean street?

Calle means street in Spanish and Venetian.

How is Calle pronounced?

Pronunciation: Sounds like Calais, the French city. Accent ague on the e, making it sound like an a.

What Lolo means?

LOLO means Hello Hello. The acronym LOLO is most commonly used as an informal way to say hello, usually between friends. LOLO is similar to the Japanese custom of saying hello twice when answering the telephone using the words Moshi moshi, which roughly translates as speak, speak.

What does Bebe mean from a girl?

Bebe, like baby and babe, has extended as a term of endearment for a romantic partner. Bebe, sometimes spelled Bébé and BéBé, is also a given girls name or nickname for Beatrice and other B names. Moiras bebe is often written as bébé to note the distinctive way she goes out of her way to say it.

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