Question: How big is the membership base of AOL?

How many members does AOL have?

1.5 million people There are still 1.5 million people paying a monthly subscription service fee for AOL — but instead of dial-up access, these subscribers get technical support and identity theft software.

How big is AOL?

Under his leadership, the company invested in media brands and advertising technologies. On June 23, 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications for $4.4 billion .AOL Desktop.Developer(s)AOLStable release9.8(Windows) 1.7 (macOS) / August 10, 2015Preview release11.0.2535 / January 23, 2020.Written inC++7 more rows

How much is AOL worth?

Verizon has sold its AOL and Yahoo properties to Apollo Global Management in a deal said to be worth $5 billion, about half of the nearly $9 billion Verizon originally paid for the pair.

Do AOL emails still work?

Today, AOL is a provider of free email services, as they continue to serve a fairly large community. In addition to supplying email to AOL customers, they also service Yahoo, Compuserve, Verizon, and some Frontier emails. Surprisingly, they also still offer dialup.

How much did AOL charge per hour?

Hourly Rates for Access to AOL America Online expects that 90 percent of its customers will not use more than 5 hours per month so theyll just pay a fixed rate of $9.95. Heavy users will be able to purchase additional online time (beyond the initial 5 free hours) at the rate of $3.50 per hour.

Is AOL Mail being discontinued?

But the iconic America Online brand, the gateway to the web in its early days, is officially no more. The brand will be phased out in Verizons $5 billion fire sale of its media assets, consisting of AOL and Yahoo, to Apollo Global Management, announced Monday.

Is AOL free email going away?

Keep in mind, AOL is not discontinuing its free email service via the Mail website, which is actually an alternative to AOL Desktop. If you dont want to pay the $4.99 per month fee to use AOL Desktop Gold, think about migrating to the free email and other services they offer via the Mail website.

What happens to old AOL email accounts?

According to AOL, after long terms of inactivity, the account will get permanently deactivated and all the saved data shall get deleted. When this occurs, users will not be able to recover the data and they will have to set up a new AOL account if they wish to continue using AOL email.

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