Question: Should I ask him if he is still on tinder?

While “are you still on Tinder?” is a perfectly OK lead-in to a conversation about what you both want, I do think its important to not get stuck on that particular point. So even if you were to start with Tinder, Id suggest quickly moving on to the bigger conversation—to clearly expressing what it is you want.

How do you know if he still uses Tinder?

There is a definitive way to see if the person youre seeing is still using Tinder. The answer is all in their location. Tinder will update your location and check for matches around you only when you open the app and start swiping. In short, if a persons location changes, they have been on the app.

Why is my guy still on Tinder?

If hes still interested in keeping his account active, its probably a sign that he doesnt want to be monogamous or start an official relationship with you, even worse if hes very secretive with his phone. The only way to know for sure is to ask him.

Why does he still have dating app?

He could also still be using dating apps, because – as great as you are – he doesnt quite know what he wants. Maybe he hasnt been single that long, maybe he isnt ready to settle down or maybe hes speaking to others to see if there is any interest there or if hes 100% into you.

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