Question: Where can I go on a date in Istanbul?

Where can I propose in Istanbul?

Romantic Places for the Perfect Proposal in IstanbulNicole Restaurant. Restaurant, Turkish, French, $$$ Add. Courtesy of Nicole Restaurant. Maidens Tower. Restaurant, Contemporary, European. Add. Maidens Tower, Istanbul | © 360 Istanbul. Aya Yorgi Church. Church, Monastery. Add. Aya Yorgi | © Feride Yalav.28 Feb 2017

Is Istanbul good for honeymoon?

Istanbul is one of the most romantic cities I can think of, and planning a honeymoon in Istanbul is a no-brainer. The city is beautiful, historic, and captivating, the kind of place where unforgettable memories are easily made.

Where can I propose in Turkey?

10 Places to Get Engaged in TurkeyPrivate cruise of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Hot Air Balloon Ride at sunrise over Cappadocia.Private villa overlooking the quaint and romantic town of Kas.Blue Cruise on the Mediterranean.Mountain Top Ampitheater at Termessos.Gourmet dining overlooking the village of Sirince.More items •25 Sep 2013

How do you propose in Cappadocia?

Where are the best Cappadocia proposal spots?In the morning you can pull off a Cappadocia hot air balloon proposal since they are all up in the sky, which sets the mood for a magical moment.Sunset with horses is also a great option.More items

How do you propose on a hot air balloon?

Top Tips for Proposing in a Hot Air BalloonMake sure they are not afraid of heights.Make sure to let the office know youre proposing, so we can inform the pilot and crew.When you arrive talk discreetly to the pilot about your plan.Keep the ring in a secure, safe and accessible location.More items •25 Jan 2018

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