Question: Does Gwen have a crush on Ben 10?

Cooper has had a crush on Gwen ever since a flashback in the Omniverse episode From Hedorium to Eternity. Cooper was called in by Ben to create a camera to spy inside Thaddeus J. Gwen doesnt reciprocate his feelings, but is flattered that he is so smitten for her.

Does Kevin have a crush on Gwen in Ben 10 reboot?

Throughout many episodes, Kevin has shown to have a crush on Gwen. Kevin was willing to team-up with Ben just to save her.

Is Kevin a villain in Ben 10?

You become a world famous superhero! Ultimate Kevin to Ben. Kevin Ethan Levin, under the alias Kevin 11, is a major antagonist in the Ben 10 franchise. He absorbed the power of the Omnitrix and became mutated by it, gaining all of Bens powers.

Are Gwen and Kevin dating?

In Alien Swarm they are dating, but Ben doesnt get what Gwen sees in Kevin. Gwen also kissed Kevin on the cheek when he found the nanochips. At the beginning of the movie, he also briefly protected her from the nanochips.

Is Kevin in love with Gwen?

This shows that Kevin still loves Gwen, and gives her hope that maybe Kevins sanity can be restored. In Absolute Power: Part 1 and Part 2, Gwen is more determined than ever to restore Kevin to his normal self, attempting to talk him out of his rage and insanity several times to no avail.

Does Gwen have feelings for Ben?

During the original series, Ben and Gwen were almost always bickering, arguing, name-calling (they called each other Doofus or Dweebs), making fun of each other, or fighting, and they had a love/hate relationship.

Is Kevin friends with Ben?

Kevin turns on Ben claiming, theyre not friends and joins the Rooters and the Amalgam Kids to end Ben, but at the last minute Kevin reveals that he was faking the whole time and that his plan was to set himself and the Amalgam Kids free from the Rooters influence, stating to them that Ben is truly his best friend and

Did Gwen and Kevin kiss?

In the episode Ultimate Aggregor Kevin kissed Gwen on the cheek after she took him to one side to talk to him, when Kevin reveals the insanity of Osmosians when they absorb energy, Gwen discovers that absorbing too much energy was the reason for Kevins berserk and criminal behavior when he was eleven.

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