Question: Where do you enter Promo Code on Oura?

Where do you put promo code for Oura?

To use a Oura Ring email discount code, simply copy the coupon code from this page, then enter it in the Promo Code box at during checkout to secure your savings.

Does Oura have discount codes?

Currently, Oura does not provide discounts for everyday purchases, nor do we offer discounts through third party promotions or advertisements. These include promotional codes, links, and the like. Please note that Oura no longer has an affiliate program.

Is the Oura worth it?

Is it worth that investment? The Oura Ring isnt a great fitness tracker, so if logging workouts is important to you, it probably isnt a good fit. But if you want to dive deep into your sleep and health data, the Oura Ring may give you some eye-opening insights into your body and well-being.

What is the stealth Oura Ring?

Your Oura Ring stores up to 6 weeks of data between syncs to ensure that walk or that good nights sleep get accounted for. Lighter than a conventional ring, Oura weighs in at only 4 to 6 grams (depending on ring size) with a width of 7.9mm and a thickness of 2.55mm.

Why is stealth Oura Ring more expensive?

Hi Steph, manufacturing our Stealth black material requires an additional layer of precision and detail. As a result, our Stealth model has a slightly higher price point. All of our rings have identical technical standards and performance capabilities.

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