Question: Do Libras and Virgos get along in a relationship?

Overall, Virgo and Libra are considered to be an OK match. Theyre different personality-wise, so theyll need to learn how to deal with each others quirks early on. However, theyre two of the most giving signs in the zodiac.

Can Virgo and Libra marry?

Virgo and Libra may have an extremely fulfilling psychological connection if they respect each others feelings. With appropriate time and care, this partnership can work in general. Libra and libra do not make a good pair but they can make their marriage last once they get committed.

Do Virgo and Libra get along?

Virgo admires Libras clear mind and drive for balance in all things. Many of the insights of Libra are brilliant, but Virgo could lose trust, wondering when its their turn to be lampooned. Dates are a chance to talk, which they both love to do, to the point of talking over each other.

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