Question: How do I talk to my friends sister?

Say Hello. If you rarely speak to your best friends sister, its not a good idea to walk up to her and start a huge conversation as if youve known her for years. Instead, when youre with your best friend and their sister walks by, just politely say hello to her.

Is it weird to like your best friends sister?

Theres nothing wrong if you date your friends Sister as long as your friend is ok with it. Ask him/her about it, make him/her understand and if he agrees then you are good to go buddy.

Can a friend become a sister?

If youre truly lucky in life, you will find a best friend that you can call a sister. Yes, you can be so close with your BFF that shes basically family. If youve got a bestie that youre connected to for life, youll totally understand these things to be true.

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