Question: Can you have a relationship with someone with Down syndrome?

People of all ages with Down syndrome can and do enjoy an array of relationships with family members, friends, acquaintances, community members, and even sweethearts and spouses.

Misconception: People who have Down syndrome cannot have children. Reality: Its true that a person with Down syndrome may have significant challenges in rearing a child. But women who have Down syndrome are fertile and can give birth to children.

What are the common signs of a person with Down syndrome?

Some common physical features of Down syndrome include:A flattened face, especially the bridge of the nose.Almond-shaped eyes that slant up.A short neck.Small ears.A tongue that tends to stick out of the mouth.Tiny white spots on the iris (colored part) of the eye.Small hands and feet.More items •Apr 6, 2021

Can a person with ADHD be intelligent?

Share on Pinterest Research suggests that there is no connection between ADHD and intelligence. There are no confirmed links between ADHD and intelligence. However, some people continue to contest this. ADHD can affect a persons ability to function at work or at school.

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