Question: What is your voucher code?

A voucher code is a string of letters and/or numbers which a customer enters at checkout to obtain a set discount pre-determined by you. You can have as many voucher codes active in your account as you want. Your customers will only be able to use one voucher code per transaction.

How do I know my voucher code in lazada?

You will be able to see the digital voucher you purchased in your email inbox and/or mobile phone and not in your Lazada account. If you did not receive it in your inbox and/or your mobile phone, please retrieve your order number, and contact our customer service for further assistance.

How do you make a WIFI voucher?

Create a voucherClick on the newly created hotspot (Wireless > SSID).Go to Advanced Settings > Captive Portal and click Create Voucher. The voucher creation dialog opens.Define the following: Options. Save your settings. The voucher appears in the list.Click Show PDF and save the file or print it directly.

Can I use 2 promo codes on Grabfood?

Yes, you can redeem multiple vouchers per receipt, but only ONE type of voucher code can be used at a time.

How can I get free Shopee vouchers?

Step 1: Tap Free Shipping , then tap Claim to claim Free Shipping Vouchers or tap View to view the Free Shipping Voucher. Step 2: Tap My Vouchers under Me tab, this is where you can view the claimed Free Shipping Vouchers.

What is WiFi voucher?

Print WiFi Vouchers You can give your WiFi users a unique code or password, limiting Internet usage as needed. Customize the voucher codes and give users a personalized password to access the WiFi network. Further, voucher codes are unique, and they are valid only for a given period, e.g., 1 hour or 24 hrs.

How do I check my Grabfood voucher?

Frequently Asked QuestionsRecipient receives an email with a message to claim Grab gift card(s).Click/Tap on Redeem now. An SMS will be sent to the account phone number. You will now be able to see the gift card(s) added to your account under the “My Rewards” section in the Grab app.

How do I claim my GrabFood voucher code?

Click/Tap on Redeem now. They will be redirected to a Login page where they will key in their phone number that is registered with Grab. An SMS will be sent to the account phone number. Enter the OTP code on the web site to complete the gift card redemption.

How do you use a promo code on food?

How use the promo code:Select the restaurant of your choice.Add the food items that you desire into your cart.Click on the cart icon to checkout and make sure your subtotal is RM20 or more.Click on “Promo Code” and key in GRABFOOD15.May 22, 2018

How do I activate ShopeePay?

How do I set up ShopeePay? Go to “Me” and click on ShopeePay to activate your ShopeePay account. Tap on “Set up ShopeePay” to start setting up your ShopeePay account. A verification code will then be sent to your Shopee registered phone number.More items •Jul 4, 2021

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