Question: Whats the average age of a Dutch woman?

Healthy life expectancy (at birth) among Dutch women is 57.8 years, well below the EU average of 64.2 years. Healthy life expectancy among European women ranges from 54.9 (Latvia) to 73.3 years (Sweden). Among Dutch men, healthy life expectancy is 62.8 years, close to the EU average of 63.5 years.

What is the average age a woman becomes a mother?

Average age of first-time mothers up to 29.9 yearsMean age at birth of first child (yrs)201529.6201629.7201729.8201829.957 more rows•May 11, 2019

Why does the Netherlands have a high life expectancy?

The results suggest that the sharp upturn of life expectancy in the Netherlands was at least partly due to a sharp increase in health care for the elderly, and has been facilitated by a relaxation of budgetary constraints in the health care system.

Do many Dutch people get married?

1 How many weddings? Around 64,300 couples tied the knot in the Netherlands in 2015 (of which 1,259 were same sex couples). In addition around 13,000 people agreed a registered partnership, which is legally like a wedding but without the ceremony and cake.

Which country has highest life expectancy?

Countries ranked by life expectancy#CountryLife Expectancy (both sexes)1Hong Kong85.292Japan85.033Macao84.684Switzerland84.2592 more rows

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