Question: What religion is Estonia?

Estonia can be considered a highly secularized country today. Most Estonians do not belong formally to any religious organization. According to the last population census from the year 2000, 13.6 percent of the adult population in Estonia considered themselves Lutherans.

Is Estonia a Catholic country?

The Catholic population of Estonia is small, however has seen a rapid increase since the end of the Soviet rule. Currently the whole country has approximately 6,000 adherents. Most are of Estonian background but also many Lithuanians and Poles. Most live in the major towns such as Tallinn, Tartu, and Narva.

What religion is practiced in Estonia?

The religious population is predominantly Christian and includes followers of 90 affiliations. Due to most ethnic Estonians nowadays being irreligious, while the minority Russian population has remained largely religious, the Eastern Orthodoxy has become more common than Lutheranism.

What is the culture of Estonia?

Estonia has a rich cultural heritage of folk song and dance, colourful handicrafts, wooden saunas and rustic food. Experience the traditional and modern sides of Estonian culture first hand at these markets, workshops, museums and festivals.

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