Question: Is Illinois watch company still in business?

What happened to the Elgin watch Factory?

Over time a number of additional plants were operated, mostly in Elgin. The original, obsolete factory in Elgin closed in 1964, after having produced half of the total number of pocket watches manufactured in the United States (dollar-type not included). The plant was razed in 1966.

Does Elgin still make watches?

Likewise, Elgin designed its products to be easily repairable and with so many spare parts produced over the course of its 100-year history, its watches can still be bought and fixed reasonably easily even today, making them popular collectibles for enthusiasts.

Does Elgin still make pocket watches?

For almost 100 years, until 1968, the Elgin National Watch Company was the worlds largest manufacturer of watches. Approximately 60 million pieces were produced in that time. The fact that the distinct Elgin pocket watch is no longer made does, of course, add to the Elgin pocket watch value.

Are old watches valuable?

Value of a Vintage Watch vs an Antique Watch Afterall, there is no set rule that older watches will be more valuable than a watch made a few years or decades before its inception. Some vintage mens watches and vintage womens watches will have higher value due to their history, features, material, or condition.

Is Gruen an expensive watch?

The unique innovations that are come with other similarly-unique designs make a Gruen watch a high-quality addition to your collection. Though you can find these watches on the market at very low prices all the way up to a few thousand dollars, remember that the true value of this watch doesnt lie in its price.

Are Gruen watches collectible?

Vintage Curvex watches are generally collectible, so long as they have an original dial and are in working condition. The company lost their way in the mid-1950s and watches produced after that time generally have limited appeal to collectors. But there are always exceptions (google Gruen Airflight).

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