Question: Is LivingSocial still in business?

LivingSocial, the Washington start-up that rode the daily deals craze to markets across the globe, has died as a stand-alone company. Groupon, its chief rival, revealed last week that it acquired LivingSocials remains for $0.

How long does delivery take from LivingSocial?

Most LivingSocial Shop [[MARKETPLACE]] items ship within 2 business days and arrive within 5–10 business days. Once your item ships, well send you a confirmation email to let you know. Keep in mind: Some orders have different shipment windows; check the Fine Print for the estimated delivery.

Who owns Dailydays?

Shayne Eisenga Shayne Eisenga - Owner | Purchasing - Natural Choice Foods | Daily Deals Food Outlet | LinkedIn.

What is LivingSocial Co UK?

LivingSocial, the daily deal website specialising in lifestyle experiences, seems to take its responsibilities seriously, as it makes a pledge that if a supplier fails to honour a voucher before the expiration date, LivingSocial will refund customers with credit for future deals. If only they always stuck by it.

What is LivingSocial app?

LivingSocial is your guide to Discover and Save on great activities, events, dining, spas, salons, fitness, getaways and more. Download the LivingSocial app to find amazing places to go and things to do - in your local area or your next destination.

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