Question: How do I delete my hookup Dating account?

How do I delete my hookup account?

Delete Your Account through Website Open and sign-in with your account. On the bottom left side of your screen click on your PROFILE PICTURE and then Choose SETTINGS. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

How do I delete my zoom hookup account?

InstructionsSign in to the Zoom web portal.In the navigation menu, click Account Management then Account Profile.Click Terminate My Account.Click Yes to confirm that you would like to terminate your Zoom account.More items

Can you cancel Zoom at any time?

You are able cancel your subscription(s) at any time before the next billing cycle. If you do not cancel your subscription, it will continue to automatically renew. You can make other changes to your subscriptions, including changing your billing period and adjusting the number of licenses.

How do I get rid of Zoom?

Deleting Zoom from Android smartphones * Navigate to the Apps section and scroll through the list of your apps to find Zoom. * If the app is running, click on Force Stop and then tap on the Clear data option. * Now tap on the uninstall option and wait for the app to get removed.

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