Question: What makes Lafayette LA unique?

Steeped in traditional Cajun and Creole culture, Lafayette, Louisiana, is famous for its cuisine, traditional music and world-class festivals. Lafayette, often called “the Hub City” for its central role in the Gulf Coasts oil and gas industry, is a vibrant, growing town with tons to offer visitors and residents.

What is it like to live in Lafayette LA?

Living in Lafayette offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Lafayette there are a lot of restaurants and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Lafayette and residents tend to have moderate political views. The public schools in Lafayette are above average.

Why is Lafayette LA called the Hub City?

Located at the intersection Interstate 10 and Interstate 49, Lafayette instantly became a hub for the surrounding parishes. Travelers who wanted to go north, south, east or west had to pass through Lafayette. This, the speaker explained, is why Lafayette is called the Hub City.

How far is Lafayette from the ocean?

The city of Lafayette, LA is located in the center of Lafayette Parish at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Interstate 49 between New Orleans and Houston and only 35 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico.

Where are the best white sand beaches in the US?

The Best White Sand Beaches in the USACarmel Beach, California.Clearwater Beach, Florida — One of the Most Famous Beaches in the US. Pass Christian to Biloxi, Mississippi. Coronado Beach, California. Pensacola Beach, Florida. Assateague Island, Maryland. Smathers Beach (Key West), Florida. More items •22 Apr 2021

Is Lafayette in a safe city?

Lafayette was ranked as the 24th most safe city in Indiana. According to the Hoosiers Safewise surveyed 45 percent said they were concerned about violent crime on a daily basis. The most common violent crime in Indiana was aggravated assault which accounted for 67 percent of violent crime.

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