Question: How do you flirt with someone in French?

What do lovers say in French?

Romantic French PhrasesTu as de beaux yeux.You have beautiful eyes.Tes yeux, jen rêve jour et nuit.I dream about your eyes day and night.Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi.I cant live without you.Tu es lamour de ma vie.Youre the love of my life.Je taime de tout mon coeur.I love you with all my heart.35 more rows•10 Feb 2016

How do you praise someone in French?

Here are the most useful words and sentences to share that you like something:Cest bien. (“Its good.” )Cest bon. (“Its good.” Mainly used to mean “it tastes good” or “it feels good.” )Cest magnifique. (“Its wonderful.” )Cest magique ! (“Its magical!” )Cest intéressant / passionnant / divertissant.28 May 2020

How do you say hi girls in French?

💋To say hello in French, most students are familiar with “bonjour”. And its very common to say “bonjour” .2 – A Polite Way to Say Hello in FrenchBonjour Madame.Bonjour Monsieur.Bonjour mademoiselle.or Bonjour Camille if you are on a first-name basis with the person.Bonjour monsieur Dupont – for more formal occasions.7 Jun 2021

Which cheek to kiss first?

right cheek In most countries where cheek kissing is the norm, you usually offer your right cheek first. No big deal if you both go in opposite directions — just laugh it off. Generally speaking, an air kiss is an air kiss. When in doubt, avoid planting your lips on the other person.

What are pretty words?

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in EnglishLissomeSlender and graceful.LitheSlender and flexible.LoveDeep affection.MellifluousSweet sounding.MoietyOne of two equal parts.100 more rows•23 Mar 2015

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