Question: Who starts dating in Naruto?

Who is the first couple to get together in Naruto?

Shikamaru and Temari were one of the earliest couples fans could see developing in the franchise. While other teens in the Naruto series had crushes on one another that didnt look to be reciprocated, these two developed a friendship, and later a relationship, built on respect for one anothers intelligence and skills.

Who does Naruto start dating?

In the present, two years after the war, Naruto spends time with Hinata and starts to fall in love with her, and confesses twice to her before she is taken by Toneri. This left Naruto heartbroken but he went to rescue Hinata. In the end, they share their first kiss and, several months later, they got married.

Who is the first girlfriend of Naruto?

Hinata Hyūga In their childhood days, Naruto first met Hinata Hyūga while they were preparing to enrol at the Academy. Despite not knowing her, Naruto refused to let the three bullies insult Hinata and came to her defence, but he was outnumbered and knocked unconscious, and the bullies damaged his red scarf.

Who are the Naruto couples?

Every Couple In The Naruto Franchise, Ranked1 Minato & Kushina - The Definitive Power Couple.2 Shikamaru & Temari - Two Fan Favorites. 3 Asuma & Kurenai - A Love Story Cut Short. 4 Sai & Ino - A Welcomed Surprise To The Series. 5 Tsunade & Dan, A Story Of Love And Loss. 6 Choji & Karui, A Love Worth A Thousand Miles. More items •Apr 30, 2021

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