Question: Is Fort Myers a poor city?

The poverty rate in Fort Myers is 20.6%. One out of every 4.8 residents of Fort Myers lives in poverty. How many people in Fort Myers, Florida live in poverty? 14,436 of 69,909 Fort Myers residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

Is Fort Myers a cheap place to live?

Fort Myers is an affordable place to live, offering a range of apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes at reasonable prices. According to Payscale, the overall cost of living in Fort Myers, FL is 4% lower than the national average. Fort Myerss housing expenses are 15% lower than the national average.

Is Fort Myers Florida good place to live?

This Florida Gulf Coast city is a great place to live, thanks to its budget-friendly housing, excellent weather, beach access, incredible restaurants, and more. Check out these 17 things to know about living in Fort Myers!

Is Fort Myers a safe city to live in?

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Good news for the city of Fort Myers. A new study done by US News and World Report ranked Fort Myers as the 8th safest place to live in the country. In the 2019 report by the FBI, Fort Myers, with a population of just over 85,127, there were 9 murders and 1,952 property crimes.

Does Fort Myers get a lot of hurricanes?

Southwest Florida (Fort Myers-Naples) Southwest Florida is often spared some of the worst of hurricane season, but that doesnt mean that significant storms dont make their way around the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Irma is the worst hurricane to have hit the Fort Myers-Naples area in recent history in 2017.

Where should I go out in Fort Myers?

Whether you want to chill to live music or dance to a DJ, youll find a spot to embrace in this 10Best list.Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant. Fort Myers Brewing Company. The Buddha Rock Club. Shuckers at the Gulfshore and the Cottage Bar. The Roadhouse Cafe. Art Walk and Music Walk. Dixie Roadhouse. Gulf Coast Town Center.More items

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