Question: How do you respond to a flirt text?

How do you respond to a flirty compliment text?

To respond to a flirty compliment, you can say:Thanks so much- I picked this outfit just for you.I think youre really attractive too.Thanks so much- I love how (insert another personality trait) you are too.

How do you respond when someone flirts with you?

The next time someones badgering you with their unsolicited flirting, try saying:“O, speak no more, for I have heard too much.”“More of your conversation would infect my brain.”“I scorn you, scurvy companion.”“Pray you stand further from me.”“I think thou art an ass.”“Away, you cut-purse rascal!More items •1 Jul 2020

What do you say when flirting over text?

Flirty Text Strategy #2: Be bold about how much you like them. -Im not big on the whole “wait three days” thing, so Im texting you now. -Seeing your name pop up on my phone screen makes me grin like an idiot. -I dont have anything interesting to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you.

How do you flirt and tease a guy over text?

How To Flirt With Guys Over Text – 17 Tips To Do It RightRead the chat room before you dive into how to flirt with guys over text.Start slow.Say his name a lot.Pepper the conversation with some compliments.Tell him you were thinking of him to flirt over text during quarantine.More items •1 Sep 2021

What are some flirty quotes?

61 Flirty Quotes for Her: Fun Things to Text or SayI wish I was your mirror, so that I could look at you every morning.When I need a pick me up, I just think of your laugh and it makes me smile.Sweet dreams… I really like our friendship, especially when we make out.More items •22 Jul 2018

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