Question: Is it possible to live abroad as an au pair?

Can you work as an au pair in your own country?

We do not accept registrations from users who want to be an au pair in their own countries, because as part of our Basic idea of au pairing the aim of the au pair stay is to get to know another culture and language. In some countries, the government also doesnt allow au pairs to work in their own country.

How much do au pairs earn overseas?

Expect to get paid around $750-$900 per month with an average working week of around 45 hours per week. One of the main benefits of choosing this country is you will get to see world famous destinations in your spare time like New York, LA and Chicago. Recommended agencies include: Cultural Care.

Which country is best for au pair?

According to statistics from the online matching agency, the UK and the USA are at the top of the list of desired nationalities. However, many are looking for an Au-Pair from Spain, France or Italy. Additionally, Au-Pairs from Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Finland are also among the top 10.

Are au pairs foreign?

Au pair comes from the French meaning on par or equal. As an au pair, you will live with a host family abroad and provide live-in childcare. Aside from your duties around the house, you will have the opportunity to takes classes, make new friends, and travel around a new and exciting country.

How many days does an au pair work?

What hours can I expect my au pair to work? Your au pair should work between 25 hours and 35 hours a week, spread over five days. This is because they need time to study and attend language school.

What is the salary of an au pair?

Au pairs are entitled to receive the national minimum wage, which amounts to $18.29 per hour (gross). The average cost of room and board (AUD $350) is to be deducted from the total. On this basis, we can recommend an amount of 200-250 AUD for 30 hours/week.

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